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Back in 2016, I found myself grappling with the steep prices of funeral programs while mourning the loss of my beloved husband. As a graphic designer, I poured my heart into crafting a tribute that truly spoke to his soul. The outcome was a touching visual—a lone banjo perched on a fence, a silent ode to his memory.

That image resonated with others, and before I knew it, Noted and Charmed came to life. It was more than a business—it was a calling to offer others the same solace through affordable, bespoke funeral programs. I’m still mulling over a new name, but for now, I invite you to join me in creating memorials that capture the love and life of those we honor.

I’ve priced my funeral templates at just $5.50, not because they lack quality, but because I understand the costs that come with printing. My aim is to provide designs that are not only easy to edit but also versatile, whether you need a simple 4-page bi-fold or something more extensive.

Behind the Scenes: My journey in graphic design and printing has led me here, where I offer these heartfelt programs locally, mostly by people sharing their experiences. You can find my work in five select stores, each piece a tribute to the unique lives they represent.

Quality Assurance: I take pride in the quality of my work. Every design is rigorously test-printed using a Ricoh 5300 Laser Printer on premium 28lb Hammermill paper to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Printing Services: While my shop doesn’t directly handle printing just yet, I’m always here to help with custom print and shipping needs. Just reach out for a quote, and I’ll be happy to provide UPS overnight, 2-day, or Ground shipping options.

Thank you for considering Noted and Charmed for your memorial needs. Together, let’s create lasting tributes that honor the memories of your loved ones.

🌿 With Noted and Charmed, celebrate the stories of those who’ve touched our lives—Your Companion in Crafting Personal Memorials 🌿

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