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In 2016, when faced with the high costs of funeral programs, I, a graphic designer and bereaved spouse, embarked on a personal journey to create a meaningful tribute for my late husband. The result was a poignant image - a banjo resting alone on a fence, capturing the essence of his spirit.

Word quickly spread, and soon, Noted and Charmed was born out of the heartfelt desire to provide affordable, personalized funeral programs for others. As I navigate this journey, there's contemplation about a new name, but for now, let's embark together on creating cherished tributes.

I set the new price of $5.50 for my funeral templates because I know the expense of actually having to print them. That price does not reflect the quality of the template. I strive to bring simple to-edit designs will the flexibility allowing for a 4-page bi-fold or as many pages as you need.

Behind the Scenes:
With a professional background in graphic design and printing, I locally offer these programs, primarily through word of mouth. Currently available in five stores, each design is a testament to the unique stories we aim to honor.

Quality Assurance:
Every program available in my shop has been meticulously test-printed to guarantee the utmost quality. I utilize a Ricoh 5300 Laser Printer, and I've discovered that they print beautifully on 28lb Hammermill paper.

Printing Services:
While direct printing options aren't yet integrated into my shop, I welcome custom requests. Need assistance with printing and shipping? Feel free to ask for a quote. I offer UPS overnight, 2-day, and Ground shipping options.

Thank you for considering Noted and Charmed to be a part of your journey.

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